Three Card Brag Hands

The three card brag hands are straight forward but as a lot of people now play poker and texas holdem in particular It’s important to know what beats what, there are a few differences between brag and poker so check out the hand rankings below.

High Card – High card is just a high card, Ace high being the highest down to the lowest possible 3 card brag hand 2-3-5. All 3 cards play so if player 1 has: A-K-8 and player 2 has: A-K-7 player 1 would win as the 8 players above the 7.

One Pair – All 3 cards play again here and aces are the highest pair down to 2’s, if both players have identical hands who ever call loses. Odds of having a pair are: 5 to 1

Flush – A flush is all 3 cards of the same suit, the higher the cards the higher the flush and again all 3 cards play, no suits are higher than any other, if 2 players have the same hand the caller loses. Odds of being dealt a flush are: 19 to 1

A Run – A run is a straight such as 7-8-9 and unlike in poker a run beats a flush in 3 card brag, a strange thing is that Ace-2-3 is the highest ruin followed by A-K-Q then K-Q-J and then in order down to the lowest being 2-3-4. The odds of being dealt a run are: 30 to 1

A Running Flush – This is a combination of a run and a flush so 2-3-4 all the same suit makes a running flush, the highest again is Ace-2-3 followed by A-K-Q, these hands are very rare and almost unbeatable, a great hand to win a big pot, a running flush can also be called a bouncer as in ace two three on the bounce. Odds of being dealt are: 459 to 1

A Prial – The very best hand in 3 card brag and the only time the cards are shuffled is when a prial comes out, a prial is 3 cards of the same value 3-3-3 being the highest followed by A-A-A, K-K-K down to 2-2-2. You will see a few in your time playing but that many. The odds of being dealt a prial are also: 459 to 1

Odds of being dealt 3-3-3 are 5524 to 1