3 Card Brag

3 Card Brag3 Card Brag is a card game associated mainly with pure gamblers and not the more recognised poker players of today. That said many of the UK’s best poker players started out playing 3 card brag in back street pubs and clubs across the Country.

Mostly played in the UK, 3 card brag is a fast paced exciting card game, and still very popular in today despite the poker boom. 3 card brag was famously featured in the Guy Richie film Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The game took place in a smokey boxing ring which was pretty symbolic of just how brutal this brag card game can be.

The game requires little or no skill, and is often seen as pure gambling and luck. This is mostly true, but there are some things that you can introduce to help you become a winner playing 3 card brag!

This website is clearly all about the game of 3 card brag and the aim is to be the number 1 authority on the subject. You can learn about the history, learn the 3 card brag rules, get answers to the many questions and play 3 card brag online.

Along with all the above we will create pages for many other popular UK card games and guide players through the rules. Games such as Shoot Pontoon, Blackjack, Poker and the many Brag variations that exist. After all we can’t be the number one 3 card brag site and no provide useful and needed information to readers.

Using Poker Techniques In Brag.

Poker players have developed skills to give them an edge over the opposition, brag players really don’t care too much and if they win they win, if they lose well who cares?

The skills used in poker such as using tells the other players have to your advantage are often overlooked by brag players but this is one way to get the most from the game. Learn the other players tell tale signs of a bluff and when they have a strong hand and you can win/save yourself a lot of money.

Have you ever heard of a brag face?

Of course you haven’t, that’s because no one has one, most have had a few drinks and it’s just a fun gambling game, often for serious money but usually the players can afford to lose and just enjoy it!

On this web site we have a strategy section which will help you play the game with a winning edge, there is a lot of money to won playing 3 card brag and any advantage you can have over the other players is must have advice.

3 Card Brag Summary.

It’s a gamblers game, fast action and plenty of money, the drink will flow and the table etiquette is not what you’ll find around the subdued poker tables. 3 Card  Brag is a great game for real gamblers just wanting to throw money around and take a chance. We love to play and you must be interested to be on this web site in the first place.